What is Web Design?

Web Design in its most basic form is the design and building of a website or webpage. Can be a personal blog or a 600-page site for an international corporation. Websites can be built a variety of ways and there is really no limit to what you can do when creating a website.

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What We Offer in Web Design


When it comes to websites, a company can have the most amazing looking site with the best graphics in the world and sure it will look good but is it effective and optimised to work best for the business. CNF Industries can build your business a website that looks great, is effective and optimised correctly to give the website the best chance of ranking in the search engines.


The threat of cybercrime and hacking is a very real threat to businesses and it is only getting more and more popular. When we hand over a website to a business this is no longer an issue. We work with leading security experts to prevent any wrongdoings. 

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Why is a website so important for my business

A website is a lot more valuable to a business than they used to be 10 years ago. In this day and age it is possible to get new clients every day just from being on the first page of google. Times have changed along with technology and you can see the changes yourself when you try and remember the last time you picked up the phone book to check for a businesses details.

Children born in the last 10 years would not have any idea what a phone book is let alone what they are used for. But if you ask a 10-year-old to find a plumber in the area, they could have it in half a minute with a smartphone or computer. Not only would they have all of the details but can read reviews of the plumber, whether he takes cash, opening times and many more things.

The fact that you can read reviews about a business that have been left by everyday people is amazing and has made a lot of companies pick up their game when it comes to customer service and overall quality.

A website in today’s world is more of a brand then a lot of people realise. It’s the basis that companies have become uber successful, and these companies have awesome websites. These sites are both excellent looking and informative and if they weren’t no one would venture on to them. It only takes a few seconds for a potential client to not like what they see or get bored of your site not loading. These are all easy fixes.

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Responsive Websites

In late 2015 Google made a huge move and forced websites to become mobile responsive or face losing rankings in the search engines. This all came about as the majority of users utilising the internet is from mobile devices and as Google have a Quality of Service to provide they made the call that any sites that aren't responsive will not rank well.

This caused a number of Fortune 500 companies sites to lose rankings as well as a lot of small & medium businesses around the world. If your site is not mobile responsive we can fix that for you and get your business back on the road to ranking.

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