What Is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation or SEO for short, is the act of ranking a website  or web page higher in a search engines natural results also known as organic results.

In simple terms SEO is ranking a businesses website higher in google which in turn will get more visitors to the web site. More visitors to the business website should allow for more conversions which should equal more money for the business.

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How We Use SEO To Help You?


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Keyword Research & Optimisation

We start by researching what the the main money keywords are for your business or niche. There is a lot of work that goes into this and if this is not done correctly it can be disastrous for the whole campaign.

We use a variety of SEO tools to complete this task and they enable us see a world of information that some local SEO experts have never even heard of.


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Links To Your Website

We use a variety of different techniques to get your website links from high authority sites. These techniques will help build your website's authority and rankings. Our SEO principles are strictly white hat and 100% legitimate.

Social Media properties are another great source of links to your site. Unfortunately for most businesses their pages are not optimised correctly making them not very effective.


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Getting the Job Done

The internet is an absolute beast and if a business can take advantage of this the opportunities are endless. We put all of the keyword research, back linking and social media into play to make an unstoppable campaign.

Using our tried and tested methods, we will push your website up the rankings. Other SEO's can do the same but you could be at risk of Google Penalties if things aren't done correctly.

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"A Businesses website without good SEO is like a rudderless ship. Its floating but its not really going anywhere"

With nearly every single business being totally different from the next we only expect that there is a need for vastly different SEO packages. A multinational company will not have the same needs as a local hairdresser. This is why we offer several different packages to ensure that all businesses big or small get the best value for their money as we know how important it is to them.

We also offer custom SEO packages tailored specifically for the business needs. Our main aim is to provide an excellent ROI for the business as well as let them worry about what they do best – Run their business.

Search Engines and their Algorithms

All to often we see businesses that have put their trust in so-called Search Engine Optimisation Experts and got burnt and some have been burnt badly. Google and the other Search engines have a quality of service that they need to maintain so users can get the most relevant and best information that pertains to the individual searches.

Search Engines complete this daunting task by using a series of algorithms. When you think the number of websites on the internet is expected to hit 1 Billion sometime in mid-2016, the search engines have had to find a way to sift through all of the sites and see how everything ties in together.  This is where it gets interesting, part of these algorithms jobs is to find “dodgy” or “unnatural” link patterns and if they seem like they are not abiding by search engines guidelines they will put a penalty on the site.

Unfortunately, a lot of small to medium business owners have hired an SEO agency for as cheap as possible, then a couple of weeks or months later the business website is nowhere to be seen in the rankings.

Advantages of Working With Cairns SEO Experts

  • Honest Advice
  • Proven Track Record
  • In House Web Design & Penalty Recovery
  • Fully Whitehat SEO Techniques - No risk of Penalties
  • Treat Our Clients as if we are on the same team
  • Excellent Return On Investment
  • Regular Reports and Updates
  • No Commit Contracts

At CNF Industries we offer search engine optimisation services to Cairns and all surrounding areas including Port Douglas, Cooktown, Innisfail, Tully, Mission Beach, Ingham and as far south to Townsville.We work with businesses and companies of all sizes and look forward to helping you place your business in the right direction.