What CNF Industries Offer

For each of our services we offer different packages depending on business size.  A local business does not require half of the services that a multi national company requires and a small company does not have the budget to afford these services. We have tailored services to suit different size businesses and the prices we have assigned to all of these packages are very competitive.

queensland seo

Search Engine Optimisation

SEO in basic terms is the optimisation of a website or web page so it performs better in the search engines organic listings. There are a lot of factors to good SEO and this is the reason that your business website may not be anywhere near the first page of Google. When you think about how many people use search engines to look for plumbers for example, you can imagine how many customers your business is missing out on not being at top of Google.

web design fro mobile devices

Website Design - Mobile Optimised Sites

There are a few key points when it comes to good web design. The site has to look good, when you think that a potential customer will only give your website a few seconds before moving on. Secondly the site has to be optimised correctly so the search engines know exactly what the site is targeting. There are a lot of other precautions that should be taken with respects to security and the overall speed of the websites as they are just as important as overall.

rep management

Online Reputation Management

Reputation Management is a very important aspect of being successful in the online world. People will deliberately cause your business harm by leaving bad reviews or more sinister things. The worst part of this is that it can all be done anonymously and can inflict serious damage to a businesses reputations and can have a lasting effect if not fixed quickly.

Website Recovery

Website recovery covers 2 main areas. Google Penalty Recovery and Hacking Recovery. A google penalty can drop your website out of the results overnight, and will not return until the issues that your site was penalised for are rectified. If your site has been hacked or spammed, it is also imperative to fix it ASAP as you do not want your clients noticing.